Saturday, May 29, 2010

Phuket Delights: Restaurants and Bars in the Old Town

See the locations on Phuket Old Town Google Map by #treasuresofthailand

Bar Glasnost: Soi Rommanee 14.

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Raya Royal Thai Restaurant: 48 New Dibuk Road. Some say it's "the Thai restaurant in Phuket", in a 90-year-old converted two-storey house, decorated Sino-Thai with a "generous splash of Portuguese colonial thrown in", as Magazine notes and it adds: "If good food in a retro-Asian atmosphere is your thing, you'll be in seventh heaven". Khun Kurab is the owhner and she trained many chefs of high-end restaurants in Phuket, knows Riya's Kitchen, who points out: "Find a Local’s specialties Section in the menu, then order everything, you can’t be disappointed." See some pictures by Rolien/

Picture marhas1

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